design mentality matters

We use design as a tool not as a goal.

Design is a set of skills that we use to make analyses and think in concepts and options. It is in our behavioral pattern to structure processes and offer solutions. That’s why the signature of Studio Joachim Karelse is not so much characterized by a recognizable design or design approach but more by a recognizable design mentality. Because in the end not the outcome of a design brief is what matters but whether or not the outcome is successful is important.

What value do we deliver to the customer?

The studio isn’t an external supplier of services but teams up with the client. Together we are heading in the same direction. We look beyond the boundaries of our profession and add value in design processes by involving expertise’s in the fields of marketing and business models, legal issues, regulations, engineering and technology.

How we do that?

A soccer player scores by being a team player not by focusing on scoring. Design processes are not different from that. That’s why we don’t have fixed team of employees but explicitly team up with other disciplines in our network. Successful projects evolve by involving people. Every person has ideas and every person has a voice.